My love of headbands came into play once my daughter was born. Having such fun coordinating headbands with outfits, I decided to share my creative style with others who have similar tastes.


The success of handmaking and selling unique pieces has allowed me to have more time with my children while at the same time stimulating my creative talents while keeping up with the ever changing accessory world.



How we started


Why Chocolate Puddin' Noodle Soup? I endearingly called my son "Noodle," my daughter "Puddin'" and who doesn't like chocolate?


Designer, S. Danielle Joseph, I am a wife and mother of two lovely children. Not a native of Charlotte, North Carolina, but definitely a southern girl at heart. I love coffee and breakfast foods any time of day.



Inspired after spending 10 years in the bridal fashion industry to branch out and make accessories for my two little ones. I started making bow ties for my 7 year old son, out of frustration of them seeming to only be available in Spring and Winter. Even when I found them throughout the year, they had that school uniform tie look. Anyone with boys would agree, the selection of items for boys in general by comparison to girls is minimal. So, I decided to make my own since the fabric world offered such a variety of fun colors and patterns, remembering this from the bridal fashion world.









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